Foothills Gymnastics and Cheer Center, Inc.

"Where FUN is an everyday thing!"‚Äč

Ninja WarriorClasses for Boys 

One of our most popular classes! Flips, rolls, jumps all put into an obstacle course designed to challenge the imagination and body. Strength and agility using bars, rope, obstacle course and more are emphasized in this curriculum. 


1 hour of FUN! 1/2 hour of Cheer with cheer technique, jumps, arm movements, cheer dance and 1/2 hour of Gymnastics. 


We offer a FUN class that is the best of both worlds! 1/2 hour of Dance and 1/2 hour of Gymnastics. 

          Basic Skills

At Foothills we strive to teach gymnastics in a safe and fun environment. We keep the whole child in mind by integrating pro-social skills, cognitive challenges, and proper skill progression. We do this by using developmentally appropriate and skill appropriate classes. As the gymnast progresses with their skills they are moved to the next level. We do written evaluations in December and are constantly evaluating each gymnasts progress in class.

                   Boys Gymnastics 

Yes, we also offer boys classes and have seen great results and progress from this group of gymnasts. Through gymnastics boys find a foundation for fitness and receive benefits of athletic development in other sports.





An expanded parent waiting room with a pro-shop that carries all the latest in gymnastics and cheer apparel and accessories. We are the only gym in South Carolina that has a separate preschool facility. Upon entering this 5,000 square foot plus gym, children are greeted by a huge sea treasure wall mural with the rainbow fish and other guests. We have plenty of preschool equipment and a wide variety of mats of different shapes and colors to spark a child's imagination. Our preschool curriculum meets many objectives such as: promoting listening skills, developing coordination, rhythm, and timing, stimulating the imagination, creating a positive self image, and preparing for reading readiness just to name a few. 

Each week we introduce a theme to keep our little treasures excited about coming to Foothills. Themes may include; Hooray for Handstands, Rhythmic Week, Fire Prevention, Extreme Sports, Partner Pals, Dora the Explorer, Nutrition and many more. Each of these weeks have lesson plans that go along with the theme. We post these lesson plans in the foyer so that parents can read and understand what we are doing each week. We introduce music that goes along with each theme as well. Each class at Foothills is taught with a low student-teacher ratio in order to get the most attention needed and deserved. 

Parent and Tot Classes

Walking to 3 year old - gives both parent and child quality time to interact in a positive healthy environment. This is a very popular class at Foothills. 

Big Brother, Big Sister class is offered on Monday morning at 10am and Thursday night at 6pm. This class is designed for families that have a parent and tot child (walking to 3 years old) and a preschool age (4-5 year) child. Both children can come at the same time. The class is taught with 2 or 3 instructors.