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​All Star Prep Squad - Foothills Pride

2016 National Champions! 

What is All Star Prep?

All Star Prep is a great choice for those athletes who are not ready to make cheerleading their "one and only" sport. This program will allow the athlete to be introduced to and experience all star cheer without the monetary or time commitments of an all star squad. The season for competition is shorter, there is less practices, limited travel, and lower financial commitment. Thus allowing the athlete to belong to their school team or other sports and clubs. 






Beginners to Advanced

Our tumbling instructors at Foothills teach proper skill progressions for learning upper level skills such as: Back and front handsprings, back/front handspring series, back/front tucks, whip backs, and fulls. We are proud to say we have prepared hundreds of girls in making their cheer squads.