Call us about adding a Princess to your party.

Pictured above is Snow White.

Treasure Island Ahoy Mates!

Welcome to Treasure Island where pirates celebrate unforgettable birthdays. Buccaneers will choose their own costumes before sailing the high seas, playing Aye! Aye! Captain, and embarking on a treasure hunt. 

The Foothills crew will provide entertainment, costumes and tatoo for the children.

Sail the high seas with "Willy the Whale" our 42 foot inflatable FUN house. Parents need only bring food to serve (if desired), cake, paper goods and guests (pirates). 

Cost: $225.00 for up to 15 pirates. Additional pirates are $10.00 per pirate.  

Fashion Diva

If your birthday child loves all the frills of being a girl such as dressing up, singing, and dancing, then this is the party for her! Your fashion diva and her stylish friends will enjoy an accessories relay, walk the catwalk in a fashion show, play dance freeze, and more. 

The hip runway staff at Foothills will provide entertainment, favors, and costumes for the children. 

Designer parents need only to bring food to serve (if desired), cake, paper goods and guests. We will do the rest. 

Cost: $225.00 for up to 15 divas. Additional divas cost is $10 per diva. 


Willy the Whale is an inflatable (don't tell him that) 42 foot colorful whale packed full of excitement inside with a treasure chest, pirates, and rope net, to climb to only slide down a 12 foot slide. If doing a basic package, Willy is $50.00 added to the total cost.

Birthday Parties have never been so FUN!

Birthday Parties at Foothills have never been so much fun. We are proud to offer your child one of the most exciting ways to celebrate his or her BIRTHDAY. We provide the fully supervised game time and you supply the refreshments. Add WILLY THE WHALE for extra party time excitement. 

Each party lasts 1 1/2 hours and are usually done on Saturdays. 

Cost: $175.00 for up to 10 children. Additional children $10.00 per child. 

Foothills Gymnastics and Cheer Center, Inc.

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